Tournai stone - Tournai black

Pierre de Tournai® - Noir de Tournai
Pierre de Tournai® - Noir de Tournai

Also known as / varieties
Tournai, Noir Clovis, Noir Childéric

Extraction zone
Region of Tournai, province of Hainaut

Mineralogical composition
Calcite 75-80 %, silica 16-20 %, traces of dolomite and of pyrite

Maximum dimensions of rough blocks
Length 2 m width 1 m thickness 0,8 m

Minimum thickness for application
2 cm

Surface treatment
Split, sbattu, striated, bush-hammered, sclypé, combed, chiseled, old cut, sawn, grinded, honed, polished

Common applicationsOutside : rubble stone, floor tile, paving stone, dressed stone, sill, thin cladding, wall coping, border, window and door sill, stair, rockfillInside : floor tile, stair, lining, skirting, counter top, all the applications for marblework, dressing and sculpture



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